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decal love

My previous post keeps on giving me a headache. It’s not as fascinating as I originally thought. Anyways…

I went to my first Food Journalism decal today, hoping I would hate it.

But I love it. Especially because I’m already thinking of this:

From Olivia Bee. She knows love. She’s also 15. Check her out.


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michael cera, i love you

i love michael cera. i am in love.



Paper Heart

keep checking back for updates on an upcoming art collaboration!

sneak peak:


fine little day


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I wish my life were a fairytale

beautiful underwater photography by Elena Kalis

here are a few of my favorites:

chomp chomp chomp!

to be super, super, to be super, super girl… (name this song and win! hehe)

just a moment please!

hugs and hearts! and since i’m in the mood for loving…

jump for joy! and love ❤

happy 4th of july everyone 🙂

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