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I moved!


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a sprightly sip

a sprightly sip was all it took,¬†and now I’m hook(ed). I love coffee.

I also can’t sleep at night. With my newly inherited insomnia, I wrote poetic words, possible new blog titles, and thought of portmanteaus that would ease me to a deep slumber.

cottonswing, hazy days or hazy daze

can thoughts doodle? apparently, they can, according to doodle girl. (I think I could’ve used the name better.) or would you buy liquor if it was spelled lickor/lickher? I’ll stop there.

mimsy lane

or like olivia bee, hana jay, jay hana, jay leno?

portmanteau, I’m craving man toe (the Chinese bread?)

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What do you say when you see this?

Yea, same here.

I hope she likes it : )

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Feeling a little squished.

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There is nothing that gives me greater joy than a 2 oz fig fennel & almond dark chocolate (70% cacao) bar, vegan, and organic & fair trade certified, from theo chocolate factory, 3400 Phinney, that one can buy for $5 at Treehouse. OK; maybe I’m exaggerating.

After indulging ever so extravagantly and lusciously (don’t understand how? just eat one..and give a piece to me), I fell in love with not only the bar itself but the beautiful artwork on the outer wrapping.

A Mother’s day design…I miss my mama

and now I miss her even more!

How my family would look if I had a younger brother

and now I miss Milo.

I just chose the ones that reminded me of home. You’re bound to find something that reminds you of home.

I am homesick.

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winter break is coming to a close

and I’ve achieved nothing but this:

and this:

I’m going to miss lounging around with my sis and Milo, eating to my heart’s content and body’s regret, daily Disneyland trips, princess parties…

Life is back in session.

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back in business!

I’m back! I almost forgot my own url. I typed “hellojello” into chrome’s search bar and then I realized, it’s been too long. I must admit, I’ve been too caught up yelping, basking in the glory of being a yelp elite (thank you! please hold your applause), that I’ve neglected my beloved blog and most importantly, my fans who’ve so passionately followed my site and gave me some hits (which, I’m sure, is never more than 20).

In any case, I found this adorable fabric pattern blog, sproutdesign.

This color goes so well with my blog colors. I wonder if I can have it as my background…

If I had a daughter, I would dress her up in this little cutie. And it has pockets!

Back to school after this weekend! I’m excited for good food, Robert Reich, and resuming the Edible Schoolyard!

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