no place like home

weekend recap:

1. fantastic mr. fox with cousin

In a word–FANTASTIC. So witty, laugh-out-loud funny, and aesthetically brilliant! and can’t help but love the catchy soundtrack, with Jarvis Cocker!

Looks just like him!

2. black friday with prairie

Nestle was giving out free cookies at the mall. We sprinted down the escalators and extended our hands out to the lady. She looked at us and asked, “Are you girls 18?”

I’m going to embrace my youthful face. Therefore, I can get away with buying one of these babies.

3. Mexico with parent’s church

We were driving to Mexico and the pastor was sitting in our van. My dad made a sudden stop and a whole bunch of empty corona bottles rolled to his feet. He picked them up and asked, “Are these yours?”

“Not mine! I promise!” –Mom

My dad loves his walkie-talkies. Once we hit Mexico, he would yell “¡Que Paso!” and try to interrupt people’s conversations. He told me it’s the funnest to use at campgrounds.

Here he is, standing really awkwardly with the amigos.

We went to a really poor village farm close to Ensenada. From afar, we saw the carnival cruise ship we were just on a couple months back. It felt weird.

The children can’t speak any Spanish; they only speak their native Indian language because they’re nomadic. One 3 year old boy kept on poking me and saying “cochi! cochi!” but I just shrugged it off.

We walked over to where the pigs are, and I asked, “Que es?” And he replied, “Cochi!” ugh.

“Don’t get too close…they’ll bit your fingers off.” Lean, mean piggies.

We also provided snacks.

It’s something you would find here. And then the world would hate us. No worries–I prayed for everyone’s health and strength.

This is how the Koreans do missions. Spread the love of Jesus through spicy ramen.

¡Adios Amigos!


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  1. prairie said

    this post made me laugh so many times!
    perhaps ramen makes our hearts burn for Jesus

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