the sartorialist and i…

and she and him and her and he.

4.5 hours waiting for Scott Schuman, aka The Sartorialist. Denise and I arrived fashionably early to Paul Smith on Geary only to be confronted by this:


Hello from Chinatown! We stood in front of a really grungy Chinese storefront for most of the time. It’s just really odd to see such a high end boutique next to ghetto not-so-fab-ness.

Paul Smith is such a gorgeous boutique. Everything did have too many zeros attached to the price, like the ridiculous (but stunning) gold-plated camera below. At least pictures come free.


Does that say $3000? Hellllloo.


Oh, if life was solely about (pretty) soles and (good-looking) souls…


Yes dear, a sock for Christmas please.


What I envision a wall in my home to look like.

We took a picture with Scott, which I will post soon. He’s a very particular guy; has a crisp and witty character…you can say that for just about anything, including his suit, hair, and even looks. He’s also very flattering…(I wonder if he really means it!) After tonight, I’ve decided that Berkeley/SF needs a makeover–just a slight one.

After tonight, I have a closer affinity to all my clothes. I’m going to start dressing up for school. So like my buddy Ryan (who had a girl come up to him and take his picture for her blog!..nope not me…) I too will flash my geeky smile and too cute oxford heels.

Sorry for the lack of pictures; I wish I had caught all the beautifully dressed people that showed up (including us!) but it was a frantic night.


here we are!



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