I’m lacking…

In a good way. Because that means I want more! But not in a greedy way. I’ve been having trouble concentrating on the patterns of my seemingly drab life, but I think it’s my inner soul trying to break loose from what Emerson would call the “mere consistency of life.” I just want to open up The Known World, which I picked up from the corner of Telegraph and Dwight for a quarter from the nice gentleman, and watch magic flitter away.


I’m going to go on a series of irrelevant tangents (is that repetitive?)…perfectly reflective of my mind right now…


I tried the “New!” rosemary foccacia bread at Berkeley Bowl. Yea, definitely good SHEET…


What went down in downtown at Pearl’s Burger.


Bad photo, thrilling sounds. I think I would rather be blind than deaf. But then I wouldn’t be able to update my blog. Or see Daniel Nigro’s chest hair. Life is full of sacrifices…

via Rebecca Miller


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