yum and yum

My sister came up this weekend. You know what that means.

We started off at El Farolito in the Mission and got their super fatty quesadilla.


(We got a burrito too).

Immediately after,


Hooray for Humphry! I had to settle with the fudgsicle sorbet. I really wanted the secret breakfast (bourbon and cornflakes), but I thought I was going to get buzzed.

Later that night, Fenton’s with the senior class! Yay for blueish gray! Like my shirt? Elizabeth and James : )


Brian and Ryan always give me pep talks when I’ve had a couple. Fine, one. The only time I’ll appreciate it.


Oh god. I need to come back and write a limmerick for this one.

silky yolk oozing around,
I am eternally bound
to the magic of the butler
did I ever think it would occur
to me that I have found true love?
I am soaring high above.

Maybe I should start letting the picture speak for itself.


Curried potato cheeseboard beautifully modeled. Thank you Denise, well done.


And to finish it off, Kingdom Cakes.

I wonder if this is healthy for me. Though I call Berkeley (and SF) my new home, every time I go out, everything feels so surreal. The charm and spunk of these cities are so endless and unpredictable. Everyone’s so happy in their organic clothes and hemp shoes; I’ve never heard a child cry, I’ve never seen so many recycling/compost bins, and the dogs are all so healthy, fit, and cute. Where else in America is this possible? I’m sad I no longer have my car up here…maybe it’s time for me to buy a bike! It looks like the Bay Bridge is going to have an adjacent foot/bike bridge, but I’m just speculating.


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