I’m in a new relationship.

With good looking, good tasting sexiness known as local, organic, non-processed food.

This past week was quite momentous–I started out with going to the Edible Schoolyard as a kitchen volunteer (we made yellow cucumber, red bell pepper, and fennel salad; yum!), watched Food, Inc. the next day (which included a panel with none other than Michael Pollan, the director, and Eric Schlosser) and heard Michael Pollan talk at Zellerbach the following night.

Michael Pollan is a wonderful storyteller, very engaging and humorous. He’s so intelligent, genuine, and creative with his approaches to telling people about our food industry and diets. I vigorously took notes so if you want to hear what was said, let’s make a date over a delicious slow-cooked meal. (I’ll cook for you.) So why did I decide to commit to a new relationship? If we eat the way we do, including me, the sometimes health freak, we’re all going to die. The world’s going to die, cute puppies included. OK, maybe I’m being too dramatic. But really, if you only knew what was in your Breast Cancer-supporting Special K with strawberries, whole wheat bread, “natural” yogurt, and “100% apple juice,” you would be scared too.

So now what? How do we know what to eat? You can ask yourself, “Would my great grandmother recognize this food?” You should’ve seen him trying to explain gogurt. Or Twinkies. And if it has more than 5 ingredients, don’t eat it. (Which is funny because the food industry is always trying to redesign food to fit the rules, but they’re all just messing it up regardless. Like Haagen Dazs’ new “5 ingredients” ice cream.)¬† Let’s start going to Farmer’s Markets. Health is not about eating good nutrients (I guess I have to throw out my “brain pills” my mom forces me to eat) but making relationships with people, nature, and thinking about the environment for once.

Thus, I decided today to take my chance and start this relationship with local, organic, all-natural food. I went to the Farmers’ Market down on Shattuck and here’s what I got.


Aren’t these tomatoes beautiful? I had a nice conversation with a small, old lady about the colors. I just picked the ones that looked the prettiest. All this was $5.


Look at this beauty! The glaze was so delicious. I actually bought it for Denise, but since she’s on a fast (sorry!) I made the sacrifice and ate it for her.

I also bought a loaf of bread from Vital Vittles, a local bread company. The guy selling them was so nice and welcomed me to the market (I told him I was a newbie). He was quite cute too. So I guess this truly IS about relationship building…if you know what I mean!

Meditate upon these slogans: “you can save the world with every bite” and “vote to change the system 3 times a day.” Thank you.

For now, I feel like I can do this. We’re only dating, seeing if we’re compatible. So please don’t judge me if I cheat a couple of times. But in my heart, and body, I know this one is a keeper!


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