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Ugly tan lines, street festivals, fatty cupcakes, and pulled-pork sandwiches–I am ending my summer with these beauties.


Guess what shoes each of us were wearing. It took me a 3 months to get rid of my Tom’s tan, and within an hour, it’s worse than ever.

pasta shop sandwich

Pasta Shop’s pulled pork sandwich: how a sandwich should taste. I wrote them an amazing review on yelp. Let’s go again!


Look at the pumpkin head! He looks at you! Let’s all come together and look, look, look!

I should probably work on my children’s book writing skills. I especially like the one with 3 eyes. I really wanted to sit down and paint one, but I had a feeling they would’ve let me, thinking I was 10 and under. It’s good that I didnt’ take my chances.

a cote

A Cote’s wonderful cupcake sandwiches! Like a macaroon but moist like a cupcake. The nutella cream didn’t taste like nutella. But cute and dainty!


My half of the bargain. I keep on selling my soul to $3 sweet thangs.


That’s Aaron’s red velvet with cream cheese filling. I wanted to swim in it. So heavenly.


Poems on the go! What a sexy idea. I wonder if people will pay for my haikus, as long as I have an old school typewriter and vintage stockings.

Will you buy my poem?

I wrote it with you in mind.

Let us go eat now.


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  1. Denise Poon said

    it was a pulled PORK sandwich. 🙂

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