9-24: A Shaloomp to Remember

Here’s what I promised in my previous post! My fashionable, quirky friend Denise and I started off the day (at noon) at none other than Tartine Bakery! The berry bread pudding was my favorite!


I think it tasted especially delicious in the cute little teacup!


Spicy Turkey Sandwich…too cheesy, but I liked the pesto and crunchiness.


I love the funky art on the wall. As an art history major, I would argue that it’s awkward, visually competing details and emphasis on rejecting volume really accompanied my morning bun. That’s Denise in her flirty anthro frock (with pockets!) sipping on the stamped paper cups, which she stole quite a bit of because she thought they were cute. H for Hana!


The REAL morning bun. I think I like Semifreddie’s better. Read my yelp review!

We had some time to walk around the Mission. My favorite part about the city is that each time, I always encounter something new and inspiring.

Please wait for photos! I am learning how to add plugins.

This post is severely lacking in color. I need to add this to make my heart calm. I need a new camera.


via photography by Jacqueline Rivera


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