new year galore!

I’m finally 21, and I am going to start anew! Starting with:

1. eat big globs of ice cream every day.


I give Swensen’s 3 Cs: creamy, cheap, cute! Read my yelp review!

2. embrace 2010

welcome 2010

Isn’t this darling? My best friend Sarah got me this extremely cute calendar for my birthday. She told me to write my most favorite memory from each month and keep it in the little boxes. What a wonderful idea! Soon enough, this little town will come alive. Come, let’s take a stroll through this sprightly city!

3. spread smiles

russian dolls

I’ve always wanted one of those little russian dolls that start with the big one and carry smaller ones inside of them. I would always take out the smallest one and giggle non-stop. But now I have my very own! Thanks prairie : ) They make me smile. I hope they make you do the same.

Do you see the little flower pin leaning against one of the homes? Audrey made it for me. She’s so crafty! I would totally buy one on etsy or something.

4. start living by inspirational axioms.


Thanks Eunice. You change my life!


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