Fancy and Imagination

These images capture both my, as Coleridge would say, fancy and imagination.


This is what we do in 301.


the caged bird sings!


all you need is a hug and a kiss.

hot air

grab on tight! it’s a bumpy ride.

Fancy is playfulness and the ingenious capability to make clever connections. It testifies the creative ingenuity of the inventor but involves our lower faculties and idle, pleasing things.


Beautiful, useless wings


I’m going to start wishing upon the moon.


If only it snowed in the bay area…

Imagination is discovering connections and affinities that exist between things deeper down in the universe.

“The creation of beauty is art.” –Ralph Waldo Emerson, Nature and Selected Essays

via Ana Aceves


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  1. Sarah Lee said

    Loved this post, Hana! I’m saving some of the qoutes 🙂

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