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Ugly tan lines, street festivals, fatty cupcakes, and pulled-pork sandwiches–I am ending my summer with these beauties.


Guess what shoes each of us were wearing. It took me a 3 months to get rid of my Tom’s tan, and within an hour, it’s worse than ever.

pasta shop sandwich

Pasta Shop’s pulled pork sandwich: how a sandwich should taste. I wrote them an amazing review on yelp. Let’s go again!


Look at the pumpkin head! He looks at you! Let’s all come together and look, look, look!

I should probably work on my children’s book writing skills. I especially like the one with 3 eyes. I really wanted to sit down and paint one, but I had a feeling they would’ve let me, thinking I was 10 and under. It’s good that I didnt’ take my chances.

a cote

A Cote’s wonderful cupcake sandwiches! Like a macaroon but moist like a cupcake. The nutella cream didn’t taste like nutella. But cute and dainty!


My half of the bargain. I keep on selling my soul to $3 sweet thangs.


That’s Aaron’s red velvet with cream cheese filling. I wanted to swim in it. So heavenly.


Poems on the go! What a sexy idea. I wonder if people will pay for my haikus, as long as I have an old school typewriter and vintage stockings.

Will you buy my poem?

I wrote it with you in mind.

Let us go eat now.


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9-24: A Shaloomp to Remember

Here’s what I promised in my previous post! My fashionable, quirky friend Denise and I started off the day (at noon) at none other than Tartine Bakery! The berry bread pudding was my favorite!


I think it tasted especially delicious in the cute little teacup!


Spicy Turkey Sandwich…too cheesy, but I liked the pesto and crunchiness.


I love the funky art on the wall. As an art history major, I would argue that it’s awkward, visually competing details and emphasis on rejecting volume really accompanied my morning bun. That’s Denise in her flirty anthro frock (with pockets!) sipping on the stamped paper cups, which she stole quite a bit of because she thought they were cute. H for Hana!


The REAL morning bun. I think I like Semifreddie’s better. Read my yelp review!

We had some time to walk around the Mission. My favorite part about the city is that each time, I always encounter something new and inspiring.

Please wait for photos! I am learning how to add plugins.

This post is severely lacking in color. I need to add this to make my heart calm. I need a new camera.


via photography by Jacqueline Rivera

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Thursday is the walkout, and all my classes are canceled. I’ve decided to take advantage of this opportunity of rare freedom and go frolic out to the city. I really need a nice long break. But my spirit is with you all!

But this is my agenda. We’re going to dress like this:


and visit candy stores likes this:


I’ll let you know how it goes!

That’s Zooey Deschanel in Erin Fetherston. (Erin Fetherston graduated from Berkeley!! We are not so hopeless as much as we think!) Anyways, such a beautiful girl in beautiful clothing. I absolutely lover her asymmetrical puffy sleeves. I would want my bridesmaids to be in that exact outfit.

via fashionista

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i feel like i stuck my head in something, and i can’t seem to get it out.

kinda like this:

or this:

both are quite uncomfortable. but an interesting feeling it creates…

on a side note, i miss my sister. she would do things like this to me when we were younger

perfect title today, no?

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new year galore!

I’m finally 21, and I am going to start anew! Starting with:

1. eat big globs of ice cream every day.


I give Swensen’s 3 Cs: creamy, cheap, cute! Read my yelp review!

2. embrace 2010

welcome 2010

Isn’t this darling? My best friend Sarah got me this extremely cute calendar for my birthday. She told me to write my most favorite memory from each month and keep it in the little boxes. What a wonderful idea! Soon enough, this little town will come alive. Come, let’s take a stroll through this sprightly city!

3. spread smiles

russian dolls

I’ve always wanted one of those little russian dolls that start with the big one and carry smaller ones inside of them. I would always take out the smallest one and giggle non-stop. But now I have my very own! Thanks prairie : ) They make me smile. I hope they make you do the same.

Do you see the little flower pin leaning against one of the homes? Audrey made it for me. She’s so crafty! I would totally buy one on etsy or something.

4. start living by inspirational axioms.


Thanks Eunice. You change my life!

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Fancy and Imagination

These images capture both my, as Coleridge would say, fancy and imagination.


This is what we do in 301.


the caged bird sings!


all you need is a hug and a kiss.

hot air

grab on tight! it’s a bumpy ride.

Fancy is playfulness and the ingenious capability to make clever connections. It testifies the creative ingenuity of the inventor but involves our lower faculties and idle, pleasing things.


Beautiful, useless wings


I’m going to start wishing upon the moon.


If only it snowed in the bay area…

Imagination is discovering connections and affinities that exist between things deeper down in the universe.

“The creation of beauty is art.” –Ralph Waldo Emerson, Nature and Selected Essays

via Ana Aceves

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what’s your indie color?


This is the cutest idea for charity fundraising. The Canadian non-profit Yellow Bird Project, who works with indie musicians like Stars, Yeah Yeah Yeahs,  MGMT, creates projects like these to benefit the artists’ favorite charities. Yay for saving the world one color at a time!

neon brown? I would say…chartreuse.

would this be considered organic watering?

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