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butter up!

Happy birthday Lisa! We came to a cute tea spot on San Pablo–Buttercream. Read my yelp review if you want my honest opinion. But we had a lovely time.

Lisa is as cute as a baked good.

hello princess!

baked goods

cute from afar lol


our little tea corner

tea and goodies

tea and cakes.

And then, Eat Real Festival with my buddy!!


You’re a sweetface!


$4?! so worth it. Pizza Napolenta or something…Josiah’s hand was trembling as I told him to wait before he gobbled it up.


My new crush: slow cooked pork with spicy coleslaw. It really was so much more delicious than it looks.

2 things I learned this weekend:

1. Food really tastes that much better when eaten with the people you love.

2. I need a nicer camera so I can make this:

into this:

I feel a little like this today.


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science meets fashion

American Apparel’s thermochromatic t-shirts!

An awesome idea, though where would I find a walk-in freezer? Costco?

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I’m feeling a little sick…

so I went home and took some medicine.


THANKS SADAMITSU-SAN! I now have my very own:


good night.

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japanese popping edamame keychain

so cute! yet so weird.



look at the creepy commercial with the catchy music.

I kind of want one.

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happy feet

need to wear happy socks! I generally hate feet. But I will love yours if you wear these!



what’s one word to describe your feet?

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toms for sale!

I bought these Toms a while back as a gift, but the receiver of the gift has feet like bear claws and cannot fit into these beauties. Thus, I am selling them for a great deal.

Size: 10 male

Price: $35 (retail: $44) profits will go into my fundraising account for urbana.  (you can’t find this pair online..this design is sold out!)

view 1

  • Ash grey/natural canvas upper
  • Soft leather insole
  • Durable rubber outsole
  • Arch and heel support

(taken from the website)

view 2

view 3

If you inquire in the next week, I will throw in a gift! And it might look a little like this:


And if you’re a boy,


Look! Toms will make you fly!

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friend chicken

I was craving some good fried chicken, esp. hot wings from popeyes. But we settled on KFC instead. And what was I thinking?! As I was devouring my third wing, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a tiny fried feather dangling off the lumpy, rough surface.

And then it all came back to me. After reading Omnivores Dilemma, listening to Novella Carpenter, David Wolfe…have I learned anything? I feel like I have committed a dire crime. I’m sorry. Repeat after me: Kentucky Fried Cruelty.

Might as well repeat this too:

But don’t worry, I’m not vegetarian.

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