Food, Inc.

Your average American, Josiah, a lover of fast, processed, meaty food is now eating vegetables with his sbarro pizza. He is laying off the pork. He will think about gardening with me. These small steps will lead him to a longer, healthier life. What brought about this great transformation? Food, Inc. with the beloved Michael Pollan as narrator. I’m so excited for this movie. All those illiterate folks too lazy to read the amazing Omnivore’s Dilemma will finally be exposed to the truth of what they eat. after all, you are what you eat. lol jk

Let’s work the farm together.

cow duck hen

This is for you, Kevin Lai. Happy Birthday!**


(**we should play more)


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  1. Josiah said

    Average Americans play baseball too. I am an American. I am Josiah.

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