ducks, oysters, and a full moon

On my way to Regen in the morning…

Duck Crossing! look at the straggler rushing to catch up.

Duck Crossing

Brunch w/ the sister at Aunt Mary’s Cafe in Oakland. Old church pews as chairs, quite a bit of flies, cafeteria-style, but yum yum yum. Southern food like Angeline’s, but affordable for the masses. Po’Boyster on top w/ onion rings and southern bubble and squeak with buttered greens below. Biscuits didn’t look appetizing, but so heavenly smothered in butter. Better than KFC’s! I’m not a big fan of oyster, and I don’t know why I got it, but I don’t regret it. Tasted grainy..but I guess that means it’s fresh? I’m probably not helping with the sustainable sushi/seafood and saving-the-oceans-one-bite-at-a-time agenda…

po boyster Southern Bubble and Squeak

Check out this new hotel concept for Azerbaijan. I would fly all the way there just to see this. What a way to promote tourism.

Yay for Heerim Architects, a Korean firm! It’s a 35 luxury hotel with 100,000+ sq meters of space for less than 400 rooms. Across the Caspian Sea is another hotel called the Crescent with office buildings surrounding it. Welcome to the future. Yea it looks all snazzy and what not, but I would still prefer a small village cottage for my vacation…

On the other end of the world…

A huddled colony of mushrooms slowly awaken in the hazy summer glow of the dense forestry, emitting harmonious warnings of naive venom….


As they breathe in the soiled breeze of mother nature’s sighs, their heads painfully enlarge with the chemicals and oils of your madness until…


so long.


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