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excuse my absence

I was exploring the streets of DC and my beloved NY. Please wait for pictures!

Sarah and I went to a book reading of author Novella Carpenter and her new book Farm City. She’s such a quirky, funny lady and very unassuming with amazing stories of garbage-diving in Chinatown, runaway pigs, and fruit thieves. She made me want to bury my present life under a big pile of compost manure and embrace a new identity as Farmer Joe. Hey, only a little negotiation with Mamma and Pappa Joe..I’m pretty sure they’d understand!

She also brought in apples from her mini farm which I dipped in fresh, local honey…omg I’ve never tasted honey so silky and almost buttery. Should’ve gone for that goat cheese but I just wasn’t aggressive enough…

In honor of apples:

cute fruit stickies from twig and thistle! sure to make any white paper sweet and edible.

Can’t wait for Dave Eggers tomorrow at Moe’s!


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michael cera, i love you

i love michael cera. i am in love.



Paper Heart

keep checking back for updates on an upcoming art collaboration!

sneak peak:


fine little day


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just because it's pretty

you know days when you just need pretty in your life? yea, today is the day.

the beauty of joy.

the beauty of dreaming.

the beauty of innocence.

the beauty of rose petals falling from the sky…

anyone want to join me in coming to the frock party?

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4 1/2 girls running amok

Started the day off with some smoked salmon with curried potato in a grilled lavash (I’m gonna try this at home) at gregoire’s, stopped by feria urbana before heading off to albany bulb.

We got sidetracked and spent 15 min petting and tickling this super adorable cat.

fat cat

emily eats fat cat

massive invasion of private property. look at emily all over it. haha

A lot of goodies at feria urbana, but not my type of stuff. I did have a nice conversation with a soy candle maker and she let me smell all her candles. 🙂 But everything was mostly handmade jewelry, which I don’t care much for..but, this is too cute to not mention!



I never wanted my own babies more after seeing these. There are cuter ones on the website. Anything with a round animal head on colored felt is good enough to win me over. Plus, with a name like “Too Cuties,” they’re just asking for trouble.

Next, Albany Bulb! It’s an ex-dump site/hiking trail where various artists have come and made art out of the dump materials. lots of dogs running around!

yellow faces

I told my roommates to stand next to this b/c they have yellow faces too. Sarah called me a racist. lol


le fabuleux destin d’ amelie poulain! (I regret not taking french…)


as beautiful as the nike of samothrace in its rusty metal glory! the hair is made out of branches! quite terrifying actually…


the blending of art and reality



sacrificial lamb


twirling in the wind!


my heart feels like this!


make-shift seesaw


dogs waiting for their owner to come out of the potty. The owner was yelling out their names and whistling at them while in the porta-potty so they wouldn’t run away lol


manhattan in union square sf! I love woody allen.


people all around us were eating cheese, wine, crackers, and dark chocolate! I will do this at the next screening. join me!

we had dinner at la briciola. (I love the Italian pop songs on the site) pictures to come. risotto w/ saffron and sausage was delicious, a little salty. I did the most shameful act ever: I added a little bit of my drinking water into it -_-. and the most delicious peach cider on the house! I will go back for the steak…in 5 years 🙂

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something about balloons

makes me really happy…even though when I was younger, I was terrified of them. It’s a little freaky to have this big blob of air seemingly forever attached to my hand, threatening to become an extra limb if I didn’t keep my eyes forever locked on it.

but I’ve grown up now, I suppose, and this is all I see.

pure bliss.

hot balloons and hot mamas.

this one’s for you!

sausages, eggs, tomatoes…carrots??

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I miss my cat.

I want to dance with my cat. It really exists!


lol 🙂

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Food, Inc.

Your average American, Josiah, a lover of fast, processed, meaty food is now eating vegetables with his sbarro pizza. He is laying off the pork. He will think about gardening with me. These small steps will lead him to a longer, healthier life. What brought about this great transformation? Food, Inc. with the beloved Michael Pollan as narrator. I’m so excited for this movie. All those illiterate folks too lazy to read the amazing Omnivore’s Dilemma will finally be exposed to the truth of what they eat. after all, you are what you eat. lol jk

Let’s work the farm together.

cow duck hen

This is for you, Kevin Lai. Happy Birthday!**


(**we should play more)

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