I made a twitter

for business reasons only. That explains why I friended you and removed you. Sorry!

I wanted to follow this guy around and he only updates through twitter. Who is he? Why, the Creme Brulee man of course! We had to drive all the way from north beach to Guerrero and 22nd during sf pride weekend to find him. It took us 45 min due to Dyke March foot traffic hold up. But it was worth it. I am happy. That’s my hand sticking out from the right side. Try the orange creamsicle and the chocolate. delicious. He’s getting ready to flame that sucker. I wish I had a torch and a cute cart. My birthday’s September 12 šŸ™‚ jk.

creme brulee man

Here’s some other cute random things I found, since I like cute random things and you might too.

I came across this at work through someone’s twitter. Whoever can find out how to play wins!

I love letterpress notecards. This site was voted by chronicle books one of the best design sites. It’s legit. Who can resist colorful animals and a name like fawn and forest?

bebe yay

Look at my acorns!


ok that’s all for today.


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  1. kaylai said

    I beat your game! just block him until he’s trapped!

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