yeah i'm livin like that, like that like that

Every time my sister comes up to visit, we gain about 1 1/2 chins. EACH.

This is how we do it.

Day 1

Stop 1: Ike’s Place in the Castro.

Ike's #1 reviewed place on yelp and now I know why. They’re known for their vegan/veggie sandwiches. They have awesome names for their sandwiches: “hella fat bastard,” “M.I.L.F.” and “not tonight, I have a headache.” LOL. We got the “menage-a-trois,” (Halal Chicken Breast, <Real Honey, Honey Mustard, BBQ, aka “dirty sauce”> PepperJack, Swiss, Smoked Gouda) and the “napoleon complex” (vegan Turkey, Honey Poppy Seed French Sauce, Avocado, Havarti). The menage-a-trois was so juicy and sweet and salty with the perfect amount of crunch from the dutch crunch. And that dirty sauce left me feeling…so scandalous. You know the scene in Ratatouille when Remi takes a bite of a strawberry and cheese at the same time and fireworks go off behind him? Yea, I’ll just leave it at that. And a caramel apple pop to finish off the party 🙂 reminded me of good ol high school days.

Stop 2: Mitchell’s Ice Cream in Noe Valley

IMG_0538That’s me holding a grasshopper pie in one hand and something like susie’s pie in the other. The first is mint chip with oreos, fudge, and nuts. Mine had cookie dough, almonds, caramel, and some other good stuff. I could taste all the heavy cream and whole milk slowly churned to get that dense, creamy heavenliness. It reminded me of those awesome dollar scoops I used to get with my dad at Rite-Aid except organic, home made and full of unexpected surprises. Like that big graham cracker chunk smothered in fudge and chocolate ice cream at the bottom of my cone that I finished off as my last bite. As good as the solid chocolate tip in Ici cones. But for half the price. The junior scoop for $1.70 only! Alan got a single scoop for a buck more than it was 3 times the size of mine. They’re generous scoopers, like I was when I worked at Almare. Better yet, no snobby-hipster servers. I was very happy.

IMG_0541 <–The super cute, homey store front. My sister looks so awkward. Alan looks, well, hungry.

C’mon people, sing with me:

Cream on the inside, clean on the outside. ice cream ice cream ice cream paint job…I got screens on the dash watchin saved by the bell, got a house by The bay side (bay side)
Yeah Im livin like that, like that like that
And im riding like that, like that like that

Stop 3: Ajanta Restaurant

After Pizziaolo fell through (yea, something wrong with that place. Last time, I wanted to make a reservation for 15 people and the reservationist laughed at me for no reason…we got there at 7 and they told us it would be an hour and half wait. I bet the only reason why that place does so well is b/c we all have to wait for so long and by then we’re starving so everything tastes good..yes i’m bitter..that was a long tangent) we decided to give Ajanta a shot. Everyone raves about this place. IMG_1987We got there around 7:30 on a Friday night and no wait! The place is filled with so many old Indian men servers, and they’re all friendly and nice. We started with the Vegetable samosas. My first real samosas other than the ones I got from our high school international food festival which were made with only potatoes. But these were so full, exploding with vegetable stuff haha, flavorful, and fiery. The cool, green sauce that offset the salty crunch of the samosas fit perfectly. Again, fireworks.


The three of us shared 2 dishes, one naan, and we each got our own plate of rice. We ordered the chicken tikki masala, and a vegetable dish (the very last plate on the menu..that’s all I remember). Yes, we played it safe, but then nothing can go wrong. The rice had this other green sauce on it that didn’t taste strong enough to compete with the main dishes but complemented everything so nicely. My sis and I both tasted a flower in our rice. That’s the only strange part of the night.

(I’ve only recently started taking pictures of my food so a lot of the pictures are of half-eaten plates.) We ordered our dishes medium-high spicy. Mmm perfect. We ordered an extra naan to scrap our plates clean. We didnt know what to do with leftovers, so we just stuffed it in. Amazing how much my body can hold. I test it’s limit every meal. And I surprise myself everytime.

I feel like all we did that day was eat. Oh wait, no, we took pictures of a funny shoe. We found this at Jeremy’s. haha eww.

Camel Toe shoe

(Josiah, please be nice.)


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  1. Megan said

    It’s the same thing for me when my parents come to visit. EAT EAT EAT

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