As Good As Yelp

I have found a new love, one that is as fun, helpful, time-consuming, joy-inducing, and life-giving as Yelp–Netflix.

I signed up for the free trial last semester. The one where I get 3 at a time. I think it was the best 2 weeks of my life. We saw from what I remember, Iron Man, the Diving Bell & the Butterfly (one of my favorites), the Flight of the Red Balloon (which all of us slept through but I’m pretty sure it was good), and Kung Fu Panda (cute).

Emily had the brilliant idea of everyone in the apartment signing up for a free trial. Then we would each get 2 weeks, which, if my math is correct, 8 weeks (2 wks x 4 people) and that’s almost as long as the whole semester! But SOMEONE, I don’t remember who but it’s best I don’t, told me that Netflix remembers our address and won’t let us do multiple free trials to one address. I was so bummed the brilliant plan did not work out. I was sad. And then I forgot about it.

Until, wonderful Vicky Lee comes along and, guess what, signs us up for a free trial. And it worked!! So what happened there? SOMEONE, you were so so wrong.

But now’s the time to get serious.

Here are the movies Netflix blessed us with:

A Beautiful movie. A beautifully humorous, engaging, tragic story. Emile Hirsch was so good. James Franco is so hot. and Sean Penn was perfect. Consider me converted. I love SF!

I declare the next one one of my all time favorites.

I was sitting at the edge of my seat the whole time. Lola kicks ass. I’m gonna train to run to be just like her. The soundtrack is so odd but fitting. I bobbed my head to it only to calm down my high adrenaline. High intensity, comical, distressing; this film makes me wanna learn how to shoot a gun, dye my hair red, and date a drug dealer. haha not really. But I do want to have a reason to scream Scheisse! all the time. My favorite parts of the movie were the flashback/flashforward snapshots of the passerbyers. I wonder why the lady in the hallway didn’t get a third one. or at least I don’t remember.

Let me know what movies we should add to our queue. Bonus points for getting movies that I haven’t picked yet. Feel free to join us anytime!

Netflix. Yelp. Hana. What a perfect threesome.


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  1. Olivia said

    I wanted to be Lola for Halloween one time, but didn’t have the guts to dye my hair pink.

    Some of my favorite movies: Cinema Paradiso, Memento, Schindler’s List, American Fusion, Sense and Sensibility (Kate Winslet, Emma Thompson version), Dead Poets Society, Benjamin Button, Tell No One, Atonement, The Fountain, Thank You For Smoking, any Alfred Hitchcock, Wayne’s World (I think it’s funny, but it’s more of a guy movie), Chocolat, The Namesake.

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