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The main publicity avenue for publishing companies is now online. As a publicity intern at the fun, quirky North Atlantic Books, part of my job is to write blogposts and twitter. For the latter, I would check out the people who follow us, make sure they’re not porn-spammers, and send them a message saying “Thanks for the follow! Let us know if you’d like to check out any of our books…” Yea, it gets repetitive after awhile. Especially when they reply with an automatic message: “Thanks for the follow! I like you too!” or something along those lines. Thus, I have found a greater inclination towards blogging, where I can write more than 140 characters and upload cute pictures. Plus, people can leave comments! After writing a couple posts on the NAB Blog that gets more than, I’m sure, a few readers a day, unlike mine which I’ve aimed at getting few readers in 3 months; despite this downturn, I’ve still decided to make my own and write about all my crazy adventures.

So, follow me if you want to see how well yelp has been treating me. Follow me if you want to read all the great novels I’m reading. Follow me to see where I’ll be in a few weeks. Follow me if you like me!

Make sure to READ my posts on Sustainable Sushi and That’s Why We Don’t Eat Animals. (yup that’s the real title! speaking of which…)

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