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I made a twitter

for business reasons only. That explains why I friended you and removed you. Sorry!

I wanted to follow this guy around and he only updates through twitter. Who is he? Why, the Creme Brulee man of course! We had to drive all the way from north beach to Guerrero and 22nd during sf pride weekend to find him. It took us 45 min due to Dyke March foot traffic hold up. But it was worth it. I am happy. That’s my hand sticking out from the right side. Try the orange creamsicle and the chocolate. delicious. He’s getting ready to flame that sucker. I wish I had a torch and a cute cart. My birthday’s September 12 🙂 jk.

creme brulee man

Here’s some other cute random things I found, since I like cute random things and you might too.

I came across this at work through someone’s twitter. Whoever can find out how to play wins!

I love letterpress notecards. This site was voted by chronicle books one of the best design sites. It’s legit. Who can resist colorful animals and a name like fawn and forest?

bebe yay

Look at my acorns!


ok that’s all for today.


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Dave Eggers and Junot Diaz

Intersections for the Arts hosted a talk with Dave Eggers and Junot Diaz for a fundraiser to support the arts community. This is why I love SF. The event was held at Glide Memorial Church. Reverend Cecil Williams’ wife came up to say a brief intro. I bet she’s around 50 but she’s super hot. She wore this tight skirt and black stilettos and her hair was huge. Anyways, as she was introducing the church, one of the first things she said was “We took down the cross b/c it’s the symbol of death and filled it with new life.” My sister and I glanced at each other. Ironic that the sanctuary still looked empty and dull.

In any event, I thought the two authors were going to just talk about the work they do, but the whole event was geared towards mainly Junot, since one of Intersection’s best selling stage performances, Fuku Americanu, is based on Junot’s book The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao. This book has always been on my wish list on amazon, but I never got a chance to read it before the talk. Junot is hilarious. He’s so socially awkward and fidgety, well Dave included, and really nerdy. Not to mention super humble, genuine, and goofy. Like a fella from the hood. Junot talked about writing his book for 10 years and how strongly he felt the humility of a decade of failing. After all, he said, Melville wrote Moby Dick in something like 6 months. He graduated from the MFA program at Cornell and now teaches creative writing at MIT. He complains how those techy nerds step into his class, and the first thing that comes out of their mouths is, “I’m only here b/c they forced me to.” Lame. Junot, stop wasting your time there and come hither!

Dave and JunotWhat I love about both Junot and Dave is how they’re so passionate about working with the underrepresented. Dave works with high school kids in the mission and publishes their stories. He started McSweeney’s, a publishing company for local writers and students. Read some of the stories. They’re amazing. Junot started Voices, an organization for colored folks who want to be writers but circumstances like family and low income prevent them from going to graduate schools. He said he was sick of reading any more writing from 26 yr old hipsters. lol. Skin privilege is for reals, mang! And what’s more impressive: Junot’s favorite book is Song of Solomon. People cheered when he shared that. Or maybe I cheered so loudly in my heart that I heard sounds around me. He said that it shows the possibility of transformation at the most fundamental level in the human world. Amen brother. Dave said his favorite is a new translation of the Koran.

Anyways, my friends, as Junot said,  we’re in a war to keep reading alive. Yes, we need lots of writers to keep producing stories to overcome the vast silence that still exists in our underrepresented communities. But what’s even more important is to have more readers to actually read the stories that writers produce. So read anything and everything. I’m so embarrassed that now, Americans can barely read more than 140 characters at a time, aka twitter. If you read my blog, well this entry up to now, you have read 438 words. Congrats! I hope it wasn’t too painful.

I want to start a secular book club. And I’ll be fine if it’s only me and Olivia. But you’re missing out.

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yeah i'm livin like that, like that like that

Every time my sister comes up to visit, we gain about 1 1/2 chins. EACH.

This is how we do it.

Day 1

Stop 1: Ike’s Place in the Castro.

Ike's #1 reviewed place on yelp and now I know why. They’re known for their vegan/veggie sandwiches. They have awesome names for their sandwiches: “hella fat bastard,” “M.I.L.F.” and “not tonight, I have a headache.” LOL. We got the “menage-a-trois,” (Halal Chicken Breast, <Real Honey, Honey Mustard, BBQ, aka “dirty sauce”> PepperJack, Swiss, Smoked Gouda) and the “napoleon complex” (vegan Turkey, Honey Poppy Seed French Sauce, Avocado, Havarti). The menage-a-trois was so juicy and sweet and salty with the perfect amount of crunch from the dutch crunch. And that dirty sauce left me feeling…so scandalous. You know the scene in Ratatouille when Remi takes a bite of a strawberry and cheese at the same time and fireworks go off behind him? Yea, I’ll just leave it at that. And a caramel apple pop to finish off the party 🙂 reminded me of good ol high school days.

Stop 2: Mitchell’s Ice Cream in Noe Valley

IMG_0538That’s me holding a grasshopper pie in one hand and something like susie’s pie in the other. The first is mint chip with oreos, fudge, and nuts. Mine had cookie dough, almonds, caramel, and some other good stuff. I could taste all the heavy cream and whole milk slowly churned to get that dense, creamy heavenliness. It reminded me of those awesome dollar scoops I used to get with my dad at Rite-Aid except organic, home made and full of unexpected surprises. Like that big graham cracker chunk smothered in fudge and chocolate ice cream at the bottom of my cone that I finished off as my last bite. As good as the solid chocolate tip in Ici cones. But for half the price. The junior scoop for $1.70 only! Alan got a single scoop for a buck more than it was 3 times the size of mine. They’re generous scoopers, like I was when I worked at Almare. Better yet, no snobby-hipster servers. I was very happy.

IMG_0541 <–The super cute, homey store front. My sister looks so awkward. Alan looks, well, hungry.

C’mon people, sing with me:

Cream on the inside, clean on the outside. ice cream ice cream ice cream paint job…I got screens on the dash watchin saved by the bell, got a house by The bay side (bay side)
Yeah Im livin like that, like that like that
And im riding like that, like that like that

Stop 3: Ajanta Restaurant

After Pizziaolo fell through (yea, something wrong with that place. Last time, I wanted to make a reservation for 15 people and the reservationist laughed at me for no reason…we got there at 7 and they told us it would be an hour and half wait. I bet the only reason why that place does so well is b/c we all have to wait for so long and by then we’re starving so everything tastes good..yes i’m bitter..that was a long tangent) we decided to give Ajanta a shot. Everyone raves about this place. IMG_1987We got there around 7:30 on a Friday night and no wait! The place is filled with so many old Indian men servers, and they’re all friendly and nice. We started with the Vegetable samosas. My first real samosas other than the ones I got from our high school international food festival which were made with only potatoes. But these were so full, exploding with vegetable stuff haha, flavorful, and fiery. The cool, green sauce that offset the salty crunch of the samosas fit perfectly. Again, fireworks.


The three of us shared 2 dishes, one naan, and we each got our own plate of rice. We ordered the chicken tikki masala, and a vegetable dish (the very last plate on the menu..that’s all I remember). Yes, we played it safe, but then nothing can go wrong. The rice had this other green sauce on it that didn’t taste strong enough to compete with the main dishes but complemented everything so nicely. My sis and I both tasted a flower in our rice. That’s the only strange part of the night.

(I’ve only recently started taking pictures of my food so a lot of the pictures are of half-eaten plates.) We ordered our dishes medium-high spicy. Mmm perfect. We ordered an extra naan to scrap our plates clean. We didnt know what to do with leftovers, so we just stuffed it in. Amazing how much my body can hold. I test it’s limit every meal. And I surprise myself everytime.

I feel like all we did that day was eat. Oh wait, no, we took pictures of a funny shoe. We found this at Jeremy’s. haha eww.

Camel Toe shoe

(Josiah, please be nice.)

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As Good As Yelp

I have found a new love, one that is as fun, helpful, time-consuming, joy-inducing, and life-giving as Yelp–Netflix.

I signed up for the free trial last semester. The one where I get 3 at a time. I think it was the best 2 weeks of my life. We saw from what I remember, Iron Man, the Diving Bell & the Butterfly (one of my favorites), the Flight of the Red Balloon (which all of us slept through but I’m pretty sure it was good), and Kung Fu Panda (cute).

Emily had the brilliant idea of everyone in the apartment signing up for a free trial. Then we would each get 2 weeks, which, if my math is correct, 8 weeks (2 wks x 4 people) and that’s almost as long as the whole semester! But SOMEONE, I don’t remember who but it’s best I don’t, told me that Netflix remembers our address and won’t let us do multiple free trials to one address. I was so bummed the brilliant plan did not work out. I was sad. And then I forgot about it.

Until, wonderful Vicky Lee comes along and, guess what, signs us up for a free trial. And it worked!! So what happened there? SOMEONE, you were so so wrong.

But now’s the time to get serious.

Here are the movies Netflix blessed us with:

A Beautiful movie. A beautifully humorous, engaging, tragic story. Emile Hirsch was so good. James Franco is so hot. and Sean Penn was perfect. Consider me converted. I love SF!

I declare the next one one of my all time favorites.

I was sitting at the edge of my seat the whole time. Lola kicks ass. I’m gonna train to run to be just like her. The soundtrack is so odd but fitting. I bobbed my head to it only to calm down my high adrenaline. High intensity, comical, distressing; this film makes me wanna learn how to shoot a gun, dye my hair red, and date a drug dealer. haha not really. But I do want to have a reason to scream Scheisse! all the time. My favorite parts of the movie were the flashback/flashforward snapshots of the passerbyers. I wonder why the lady in the hallway didn’t get a third one. or at least I don’t remember.

Let me know what movies we should add to our queue. Bonus points for getting movies that I haven’t picked yet. Feel free to join us anytime!

Netflix. Yelp. Hana. What a perfect threesome.

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Follow me!

The main publicity avenue for publishing companies is now online. As a publicity intern at the fun, quirky North Atlantic Books, part of my job is to write blogposts and twitter. For the latter, I would check out the people who follow us, make sure they’re not porn-spammers, and send them a message saying “Thanks for the follow! Let us know if you’d like to check out any of our books…” Yea, it gets repetitive after awhile. Especially when they reply with an automatic message: “Thanks for the follow! I like you too!” or something along those lines. Thus, I have found a greater inclination towards blogging, where I can write more than 140 characters and upload cute pictures. Plus, people can leave comments! After writing a couple posts on the NAB Blog that gets more than, I’m sure, a few readers a day, unlike mine which I’ve aimed at getting few readers in 3 months; despite this downturn, I’ve still decided to make my own and write about all my crazy adventures.

So, follow me if you want to see how well yelp has been treating me. Follow me if you want to read all the great novels I’m reading. Follow me to see where I’ll be in a few weeks. Follow me if you like me!

Make sure to READ my posts on Sustainable Sushi and That’s Why We Don’t Eat Animals. (yup that’s the real title! speaking of which…)

Click HERE for more beautiful posters!

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